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Hire Smart & Be Safe

Whenever you hire a person from an internet site, it is always important to make wise decisions ensuring your personal and financial safety.  Use some of the following strategies when hiring a person to perform work on your vehicle:

  • Review their profile for customer comments and feedback
  • Demand references and call them
  • Check the Better Business Bureau website
  • Purchase the parts yourself from a local auto parts store
  • Make tech sign a "Liability Release Form"
  • Do not leave valuable or personal items in your vehicle
  • Have an adult relative or friend with you when the tech repairs your vehicle
  • Establish your boundaries up front with a contract
  • Take a digital photo of the tech when they arrive & immediately email it to a friend
  • Demand a copy of their current, state-issued driver's license, or identification card
  • Take notes of the tech's vehicle make, model, year, and license plate number
  • Check the Registered Sex Offender website
  • Check local civil & criminal court websites
  • Provide a safe area for the tech to repair your vehicle
  • Stay away from the work area when the tech is fixing your car
  • Test drive your vehicle before paying the tech to ensure it operates to your satisfaction
  • Pay the tech from your account using a credit/debit card
  • Share your experience on the tech's profile, so everyone can review your comments completes a pre-screening process for all member techs; however, it is always smart to be safe and complete your own due diligence.  We cannot always verify illegal behavior and/or pending criminal/civil judegments after our screening process has been completed 

Remember, if you have a negative gut feeling about a tech, don't use them; or immediately ask them to leave if they are already onsite. It is your sole responsibility to manage the relationship with the tech.  Call 911 if an emergency occurs where you believe immediate assistance is needed from local law enforcement, or medical agencies.

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